Friday, November 9, 2012

Opening White Tail Deer Season in Central Texas

What a great weekend! It was nice to see the guys. Some I had not seen since last hunting season a year ago! But that is what hunting season is all about. Getting out and bonding with the guys and having a good time. And of course hunting for the elusive trophy white tail buck!. One of the guys got a nice buck, probably scored about 118 and weighed 130 on the hoof. Not to be out done, I shot a big body eight point that weighed 159 on the hoof. Of course the antlers were not as big as my buddies, but both deer were a good trophy for a low fence property where you have no control over genetics. Here are a few pictures from opening weekend. Videos to come soon so be sure and check back frequently!
I was trying to flush a Sika that I knew was hanging out  in some thick brush so I had my friend set up where it would most likely come out.   Well it came out right in front of him about 10 feet away.  Unfortunately his Henry 1866 45LC misfired.  Here is a fantastic screen shot from the video.  I hope to upload the video soon.

My buddies 8 point shot with the traditional 30-30 Winchester
My 8 point shot with a bow at 33 yards.
Axis deer shot with a Henry 1866 chambered in 45 Long Colt
My cousins Axis deer taken with a 6.8SPC

Some of the Hardware

Side arms and FLIR!
Texas Holdem on the deck of the cabin.  See the video here:
Bacon wrapped dove from a previous hunt.
Cold front moving in.
Close up of the sunset.

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  1. I knew where they were, but they just weren’t making themselves visible.” Deer Scents