Tuesday, November 20, 2012

White Tail Deer Hunt November 17-18 "The Rut Begins"

The weekend showed the beginning signs of the rut here in Central Texas. The Bucks did not pay too much attention to the feeders and the does were running around like a bunch of sorority girls at a fraternity party. As my son and I sat in a 2-person tree stand with no activity, it was evident that we needed to try something else. So we pulled out the Rattling Bag Deer Call and began making some noise. It was not long before a young buck showed up in the distance so I gave a mature buck grunt on my Grunt Call. However, my grunt must have been too mature because he left as quick as he came and never got close enough for me to get a bead on him with my 38 Super IPSC pistol I was hunting with.
My Uncle had better results when this fantastic 11 point came up near his blind to rub on a bush.  One shot from his ARPerformance 6.8SPC was all it took.  This one will be going on the wall.
My cousin also had some luck and shot this young 8-point with his Bison Armory 6.8SPC.  Below is a video of his hunt from last year using my ARPerformance 6.8SPC.  He liked it so much he had to get one too :)

My son and I never got a shot off.  We'll give it another try this weekend.  I with my pistol and he with his 22 Chipmunk rifle in hopes of getting a turkey.

Me and my son sitting in a box blind waiting for the big one that never came.  Oh well, he got in a good game of Plants vs Zombies and I got to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  Its time well spent!
Checking the brightness of my red dot on my 38 super pistol in anticipation of a deer.
Using the rattling bag deer call to see if anything comes up.  Only a young buck came up.

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