Thursday, November 16, 2017

High Intensity First Person View Deer Hunt

Opening season in Texas is one of warm weather, mosquitoes and deer that are not yet wary of the hunters flocking to their habitat. On this particular day I was hunting a stand that was very close to the feeder and the wind was not in my favor. Unlike the rest of the deer, a doe in the small group that came up to feed was very alert and kept looking directly at me. This made it difficult for me to make any kind of movements especially when I was trying to film the hunt by myself. Once I was able to get all my cameras turned on I had to wait another 45 minutes to an hour before I had an opportunity for a shot at the spike I had chosen. In the end all paid off perfectly and a fantastic shot was made. As I mention in the video below, the sound of my arrow hitting the deer gave the impression that my shot was bad. But just like calling your shots in a USPSA pistol match, I called my shot with arrow and I was right on.
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vehicular Hog Hunting!

Nothing gets the blood flowing quicker than a high speed chase. Throw in some hogs and a suppressed AR15 across your lap and it's on like Donkey Kong! But seriously, hunting from a vehicle, even a parked one creates a host of difficulties. Virtually no one in the private sector trains to shoot from a car or truck. You will be surprised at how cumbersome that tricked out AR15 is when attempting to shoot it from a car window.

Hunting from a vehicle on public roads is a violation and should never be done. However, hunting from private roads is legal. I grew up in the State of Texas where pretty much all the land is privately owned so hunting requires permission from and fees paid to the land owner before you can hunt on their land. This is called a lease or "Hunting Lease". Some of these leases span for miles so hunting from an ATV can be typical. We typically only hunt from a vehicle when going after pests like coyotes, hogs and any other critter the land owner deems a problem. Please take a couple of minutes to view the video I self filmed using a Contour ROAM POV style camera while driving back from my deer blind for breakfast. It made for an exciting morning!

Hunting Season!

Just in time to get you in the mood for Hunting Season! Most hunters don't really need a pep rally to get them excited about hunting season. But the video below will for sure get any hunter's blood pumping. The video is compiled of about 5 years of my hunting experiences in Central and South Texas. Almost all the footage is of my own hunts with the exception of a few where I was only filming serving as a guide. I've hunted with rifle, pistol, shotgun and compound bow. By far the most exciting of all my hunts is with the compound bow... with the exception of chasing down hogs from the Jeep with and AR15.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hunting Animals with Bait

Hunting hogs with alligators using marshmallows for bait! LOL!

New Orleans Alligator Devours Pig

Using Deer corn to take out squirrels

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dove Hunting ... I mean Hog Hunting in Texas

Turns out it was a great day for hog hunting and not so good for dove hunting. My son and I left the house super early to make the drive to our hunting property for an early morning dove hunt. Once we hit the gate I pulled out my AR15 just in case we needed it. As we drove to our area to set up for dove it became clear the rifle was needed as a huge pig ran out in front of us. I slammed the truck to a stop and jumped out just in time to break the shot at the running boar and he dropped. Since there was one, we decided to drive the property and see if we found more. As you can see from the photos below, I picked off 4 more pigs at different locations. All my shots at these remaining pigs were from the truck with the exception of one. The last pig I had to bail out and chase it on foot as it tried to evade us. I was able to pig the sow off as she ran away from me through the trees. Needless to say we never saw any dove but had a great time with the pigs. Aligator eats a pig! Now that is hunting with Bait!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Protien Feeder Pictures of Antler Growth

I frequently get attacked on my YouTube videos about shooting small antlered deer on my hunts. However, with attempting to manage the quality of the deer you must take out the lower quality antlered deer so that the better quality antlered deer can breed. We do the best we can to manage this but keep in mind that we are on a low fence property. That means the deer are free to move through the territory and come and go as they please. Since the deer are not isolated from outside deer like on a "high fence" property, this makes the chore even more difficult. But over the years it appears to help some. We have more and more better quality antlered deer showing up than in the past. Be sure and see the video at the end of this post to see what I mean.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hunting Cabin Deck Addition "The Complete Story"

Well its been a while in the making but it is finally done. The new deck on the cabin runs along the length of the existing cabin at 36 feet and comes out 8 feet from the cabin. The photos below were taken over three "work weekends". So it took me 3 trips to complete what you see in the pictures and videos. Of course they were not consecutive weekends since other commitments in between took precedence. So the project was not done in a 3 week time period as you would think. The decking used is 2x6 cedar boards that I purchased from a Craigslist ad for $250 if I remember correctly. It was not quite enough to complete the new addition so I had to head to the lumber store and by the remaining 11 boards needed. Talk about sticker shock! At $15 a board, these 11 boards with taxes came to about $180. Looking at these numbers, the entire foundation of the cabin would have put me in the poor house. In the end I think this addition cost $2,500.

So many followers expressed the view that we should leave the trees growing through the deck and roof. So I talked it over with the guys and think we came up with a plan to do it. We had to remove one the trees since it forked below where the roof line would be and make for too large a hole in the roof. So we only have one tree. It looks pretty cool and eventually I may seal it up with a tire inner tube or something. I'm open to ides if anyone has any.