Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vehicular Hog Hunting!

Nothing gets the blood flowing quicker than a high speed chase. Throw in some hogs and a suppressed AR15 across your lap and it's on like Donkey Kong! But seriously, hunting from a vehicle, even a parked one creates a host of difficulties. Virtually no one in the private sector trains to shoot from a car or truck. You will be surprised at how cumbersome that tricked out AR15 is when attempting to shoot it from a car window.

Hunting from a vehicle on public roads is a violation and should never be done. However, hunting from private roads is legal. I grew up in the State of Texas where pretty much all the land is privately owned so hunting requires permission from and fees paid to the land owner before you can hunt on their land. This is called a lease or "Hunting Lease". Some of these leases span for miles so hunting from an ATV can be typical. We typically only hunt from a vehicle when going after pests like coyotes, hogs and any other critter the land owner deems a problem. Please take a couple of minutes to view the video I self filmed using a Contour ROAM POV style camera while driving back from my deer blind for breakfast. It made for an exciting morning!

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