Friday, June 20, 2014

Hunting Cabin Deck Addition "The Complete Story"

Well its been a while in the making but it is finally done. The new deck on the cabin runs along the length of the existing cabin at 36 feet and comes out 8 feet from the cabin. The photos below were taken over three "work weekends". So it took me 3 trips to complete what you see in the pictures and videos. Of course they were not consecutive weekends since other commitments in between took precedence. So the project was not done in a 3 week time period as you would think. The decking used is 2x6 cedar boards that I purchased from a Craigslist ad for $250 if I remember correctly. It was not quite enough to complete the new addition so I had to head to the lumber store and by the remaining 11 boards needed. Talk about sticker shock! At $15 a board, these 11 boards with taxes came to about $180. Looking at these numbers, the entire foundation of the cabin would have put me in the poor house. In the end I think this addition cost $2,500.

So many followers expressed the view that we should leave the trees growing through the deck and roof. So I talked it over with the guys and think we came up with a plan to do it. We had to remove one the trees since it forked below where the roof line would be and make for too large a hole in the roof. So we only have one tree. It looks pretty cool and eventually I may seal it up with a tire inner tube or something. I'm open to ides if anyone has any.


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