Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dove & Coyote Hunting in South Texas

I spent the weekend at a friends ranch in South Texas (about 40 miles from the Mexico border). We had a fun time Dove Hunting and just kicking back. I limited out the 1st evening and did not do as well the second evening. The birds were just not flying the second day. So I slipped away and set up to call in some predators. I saw a magnificent bobcat and shot a coyote at around 230 yards with my competition AR15 that I used in my 2012 Texas Multigun videos posted on the NicTaylor00 YouTube channel. Be sure and check back for when I post these hunt videos to my TexasNative00 YouTube channel.
I paced it off at 230 yards. 55g SP right behind the ear.
This bobcat came in drawn by my electronic call.
Taking a shot with my Remington 1100. Review coming soon!
Holding my camera and shooting did not pay off. I could not hit anything.
Two of us limited out.
Rattle snakes are abundant so you have to take precautions like these snake guards that I borrowed.
Hunting coyotes with my competition 3-Gun rifle. See my YouTube channel NicTaylor00 for the assembly videos of this rifle built on the Black Rain Ordnance upper and lower.
I saw Quail everywhere.  Unfortunately they are not in season.
The view from my dove hunt location near the stock pond.
A fantastic sunset!
I failed to change into my boots and my shoes suffered.  Everything had thorns in it.
Here is the thorn I removed.

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