Monday, September 9, 2013

Cull White Tail Deer Hunting for Population and Quality Deer Management

Culling low quality antlers is one of the only methods for hunters on low fence properties where having a "captive" deer population is not possible. "Low Fence" basically means the deer are free to roam where ever they choose. "High Fence" properties are properties that have a fence that is impossible for deer to jump. In return, the deer have no freedom to roam outside the fenced area and the gene pool of deer are easily managed. A Low Fence property is much harder to control when it comes to quality of deer. Over the past 10 years or so we have been focusing on low quality antlered deer (deer we believe that will most likely never grow to a trophy quality). While harvesting these lower quality antlered deer, we have also been letting the nicer deer pass and hopefully pass on their genes during breeding season. We occasionally take a "trophy deer" and as you can tell from the photos and video below, we are seeing more and more deer with better antlers. As of September 2013, I have seen only 2 deer that I deemed culls. This is in stark contrast for past years. All of the other bucks I am seeing have really nice antlers for our area.
Youth hunts are a good way to cull deer and keep your tags for a trophy buck.
No Brow tines...
A heavy antlered 8 point
Probably the heaviest deer ever taken in our area.  Video Below!

Snap shot of some of the deer we are seeing before the 2013 season.

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  1. we make no illusions otherwise. If we let them go into the wild they would starve by the thousands, Deer Scents