Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening Weekend for Deer Season

Opening weekend for White tail deer here in Central Texas has come and gone. Its the one time of the year good friends can get together and tell stories without the looming repercussions of wives and children. Even though we did not have super good luck, it was a fun time for sure. Stay tuned to the YouTube Channel TexasNative00 for more videos. Be sure and give me a shout out on Google+ "TexasNative00".
View from the fire ring after I lost in Texas Hold'em.  See the video below for a tour of the hunting cabin.

Some of the hardware brought out.  From top to bottom: 300 Blackout( seen on my NicTaylor00 Channel on YouTube, Savage 270, Remington 243, ARPerformance 6.8 SPCII (As seen on NicTaylor00)
From top to bottom: Stag 6.8SPCII, 556 M4, Stag Arms 556 (left Handed upper), 556 M4
The law showed up.
One of the guys decided to do some different hunting.  A felony for about $200 worth.
Working on the "Grand Entrance" to the camp.
The finished entrance.  See the video below for an update on the cabin.

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