Monday, September 2, 2013

Dove Season Opening Day

We took some of the kids dove hunting on opening day. However, our regular hunting ground is without water so I think that limits how the dove fly at our place. Never the less I went for a walk with my son since I figured we would have to go to the dove instead of wait for them. We where right but after an hour and a half of walking we only got two dove. He got one with his Rossi youth 410 and I got one. I lost mine in the tall grass and never found it. One of the other boys took a big Jack Rabbit with his 20 gauge but no dove. No one else got any birds. I guess they should have hung with the Taylor Boys...
Cleaning his dove.
Supplementing his dove with a hotdog.


  1. Followed a link here from a coyote video with AR15. Wondering what sight you have on it and longest range you think a novice could be effective on coyote with that type of setup ? Do you think your shot being hi behind the shoulder was based on sighting in scope level vs shooting down from the stand? I ask since I may be sitting on hilltop looking down long draw.

    1. Sorry for the super late reply. I've been hung up on this Google + integration. I am using a Bresser 1-4 scope with amildot reticule. Its the same one I use in my 3-gun videos on my NicTaylor00 youtube channel. However, to use the dots as an aiming point is a pain. you have to practice and remember what dot is what range. I am seriously looking at this scope as a replacement.

      From what I can tell it looks to take a lot of the guess work out of the equation.