Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shotgun Camo Paint Job for Turkey Hunting

My son always wanted a camo rifle. I could not think of a better one to do then his new Rossi single shot 410 shotgun. This is the same shotgun he used to kill his first turkey on opening day of Spring Turkey season.

First make sure you clean all parts of the gun you plan to paint.
Tape off the parts you don't want painted.
No matter how many colors you plan to use, apply the lightest color first.
Apply the next lightest color.
And finally the darkest color last.
Once you finish all the colors and it drys.  Apply the lightest color one more time.  Make sure that you hold the spray can a few feet away from the gun as you lightly spray.  You want to just "dust" the gun.  This will help break-up the camo patterns and make them appear to blend better.
We left the safety in the "safe" position so that when the selector is moved, the red "fire" indicator shows.

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