Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rio Grande Spring Turkey Hunting in Texas - Opening Day

I took my seven year old son hunting this morning.  You may have seen him in a few of my videos including the infamous mini gun video (I'll put a link to it at the bottom of this post).  We had a great hunt and he shot his first turkey ever.  He's hunted with me during deer season and has taken a few shots at turkeys with his 22 rifle and compound bow.  But this time he used his new Rossi 410 shotgun.  After is was over he told me he was shaking all over as we tried to get closer to the turkeys for a better shot.

Head Shot!
Learning the Turkey Call
Central Texas Sun Rise


  1. Good on him. Was it good chewing?

  2. Awesome. What a great first for him. I had no idea you were bagging turkeys down there! Very cool!

  3. In my past experiences they are not that good. I prefer the white meat over dark and the white meat on these wild turkeys are darker than commercially grown turkeys. But it could be how you cook it says it all. We will find out how this one was.

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